I went hiking the other day, I woke up early in the morning and it was freezing cold. I had paid for the hike so that helped with getting out of bed LOL.

As I was driving to the reserve, I kept on saying to myself “Wendy, do you really love yourself?”

Im telling you this conversation went on for a long time, to make matters worse when we got to the venue it started drizzling. I call my thoughts Rue, short for Rufaro, my second name.

Rue said to me “you must be crazy, now you are going to be tired, body hurting, wet and most probably get sick, its not too late to drive back home”

I was with a friend and at this point, she was the reason I stayed. I didnt want to discourage her, I dint want to go down as a failure and above all I didnt want to lable myself a failure; now that was a bigger battle. If I chicken out, the next time I have to commit to anything, Rue just reminds me that if you chicken out it wont be the first time so whats the big deal, i didnt want that at all.

So I braved up and told Rue to keep quite because I was going to do it anyway. We climbed the hills, the path was slippery, we had to use sticks and hold on to trees to make sure we dont slip and fall.

We kept on going and as we were about to reach to the top, the sun came out, all thanks to the unpredictable Joburg weather. The sun was shinning in our faces, we were wet but the view was beatififul.

The air was different, the joy of conquering the challenge was unexplainable, seeing people we thought wouldnt make it was encouraging and lets not talk about the beautiful pics to keep as a reminder of a victory. It was a climb was worthwhile.

I am only writing this to encourage myself coz im doing it again just now 😆…

Rue: Its 6:05am – its a holiday realy Wendy?

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