So yeah

I had told my friend Bertha I would come over to play “hwishu” with her and her cousins, now I was going to be stuck at home doing “homework”, by the time I would finish it was most probably going to be too late to dash out for at least one game before it was time to come back indoors for our evening routine. I was such a clever child so I quickly came up with a plan. If I let maiguru give me homework then she was going to give me too much work but if I pretended I forgot to do some other homework and give myself a shorter exercise then I could still make it for a couple of street games that would warrant my bath that I had to take regardless of whether I went out to play or not.

Me: Oh, I had forgotten that we have a content exercise to do”.

She looked at me with a suspicious eye but she bought my quick thinking,

Maigiru: then take your books, sit on the kitchen table and do it.

See, the kitchen was as our study room, dining room and sometimes our bedroom when we got overnight visitors. In the kitchen we had the dining table, this was more of a study desk than it was a dining table. We seldom sat around it to share a meal, it was usually full of books for the entire family as everyone in the house was pursuing some sort of qualification. So I quickly sat on our study/dining table to do my so called homework. I wanted this to be a painless process, so I took my exercise book which we did class activities in and my homework book which was purely for ‘homework”. I flipped through my exercise book and found an exercise that I had totaled and looked like it had taken time for me to do, I quickly copied it into my homework book, took my exercise book back into my bag and left my homework book on the table.

I quickly dashed out to Berthas house to play hwishu and actually ended up playing nhodo, pada and maflau, I had succeed in my creativity. I didn’t have a watch, neither was there a specific curfew for us. I just had to be home before it was dark, in time to take a bath before studio 263 as this was supper time. After supper we had to do the dishes, pack them, sweep the dinning and kitchen and have our uniforms and lunch boxes ready for the next day. When the “ngudhu ngundu, ngundhu ngudhu” sound hits your ears, which was the beginning of the ZBC 8 ocklock news, we all knew it was time to settle down, listen to the current affairs because “a clever child knows whats happening in the world around them”. After the news all the kids go to sleep because ‘a clever child must also get enough sleep’. But today was not one of those days, as we stand up and say our “good night maiguru, goodnight babamukuru”, maiguru stoped us and says “ Melody, why were you late to meet Rufaro by the gate today?”

Oh oh, lies caught up fast with us in this household I tell you….