Melody looked at me and I looked down,

Melody: I wasn’t late, I am the one who actually waited for her.

Maiguru: So Rufaro who is lying here?

Oh oh, maiguru used my full name, she was not happy at all. This was our way of telling if we were in trouble or not. I was Rue and Melody was Melo if all was well.

Me: I swear maiguru I waited for Melody today, maybe we didn’t see each other and both of us were waiting by the gate.

Maiguru: Don’t you dare continue with your lies, is that school gate so big that you can’t see each other?, did you not hear the story of the child that was kidnapped at Kuwadzana, it is things like this that make you vulnarable targets; playing too much and having unnecessary confusion”, now give me your homework books”.

As we made our way to take our homework books maiguru stood up to go get a ruler from her bedroom. We did not know the ruler as a weapon to instill discipline at home. The ruler was used at school, together with the board duster, peach tree branches and so on. It was however not a weapon at home. At home there was just too much variety depending on the scene of the encounter LOL. It ranged from the cooking stick to the broom, the belt to the shoe, if you were close enough you could get a slap (the worst).

Maiguru: kneel down next to me and lets mark it together,

I knelt next to her with no worries at all because I knew my work was perfectly done, so I thought.

She marked everything and put down 10/10, circled it and put 2 big stars and wrote excellent work next to them (IYKYK). As I was about to stand up to give Melody a chance,maiguru said “I am not done with you yet, look at the date that you wrote, what is the date today? In my rushing to play I had copied everything including the date we had done the exercise at school. She hit me 10 times on the palm of my hands, 5 on each side, representing the 10 I had gotten right but gotten fraudulently, which was the equivalence of getting nothing at all.

Maiguru: I know what you did, wakangwarira pasina (you are too clever for nothing), if only you could use your cleverness to do your actual work, you can become a good Doctor or lawyer one day, but kuda kutamba (too playful) too much, aaah”.

I sobbed as I moved from where I was kneeling to give Melody way. Maiguru marked her work and said “ You are improving, its good, but in this house tinotsvunha zvese(we get everything right)”. She circled her 7/10 and hit her on her palms 3 times for what she had gotten wrong. I was furious, I knew for a fact Melody had used the same trick, but had done it perfectly by not messing the dates up.

Maiguru: Go pee, and then go sleep, if you wet the bed nhasi tinoburana(today, there will be trouble). After school you should come straight home, ok?

Yes ma’am, we reply in unison as we walk fast for the bathroom in a plight to be first. Melody took her pants off and sat first while I attempted to sit with mine on. She won, I waited, hitting my right foot on the floor and clenching my hands between my legs, signaling that I really needed to go. She spitefully took her dear time, wiped herself and flashed while she sat on the toilet.

Me: Melody simuka mhani ndiwetewo (get up and give me a chance)

I shouted this so that maiguru could hear

Maiguru: I don’t want to come there, ndinokupamhai futi mukarara matonhorerwa (i will give you another hiding).

Melody quickly stood up and let me use the toilet. We both got out and as we passed maiguru and babamukuru who were still watching TV,

Maiguru: This thing of yours of making the toilet a meeting room has to end, I don’t want noise in this house,

Me: yes maiguru,

Maiguru; wandinzwa Melody?

Melody: Yes mainini.

Just like that a rule was set, there were no written rules, but the list grew longer and longer every single day. Melody and I had a love hate relationship, I was maiguru’s little sister’s daughter, she was babamukuru’s older brothers daughter. In our culture, we were sisters, but coming from different sides of the family and being brought to maiguru Jimu’s house by different circumstances meant we saw each other differently, we both thought the other was loved more than the other, thus we rarely saw eye to eye except when we were planning mischief together, this seemed to be the only thing that brought us closer together.

My fate was pretty much set already, I had to pass my grade 7, go to a boarding school, do Sciences or arts so that I can qualify for medicine or Law. I was really lucky I had 2 options, most kids only had one. There are a lot of other stories of growing up that I will share later on, but let’s go back to varsity.

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