So yeah back to varsity:

Its first year, first semester : May 2011, I am in my room studying. I lived at a student accommodation were 2 students would share a room, I was however fortunate not to have one at this time. I had the whole room to myself, meaning I could study in my room and skip the walk to the Wits West Campass to study in the tut rooms or the 24 hour section, running away from the roommate. Almost everyone would go study on campus, leaving the residence perfect for me to study. Around 9pm I hear a crying noise from a room close by, “help, help, help”. I quickly go out to figure out where the call for help was coming from, it was from room 206, 4 rooms away from mine ‘202’. It was a girl who I had noticed to be pregnant the few times that we met in the corridors to go to the bathrooms, kitchen or in and out of the building. I did not know her name or what institution she was studying at.

It was just my 3rd week at the residence and had kept to myself as I moved in right in time for the mid-year exams. I open the door and I see what seemed to be water on her light grey carpet.  “My water broke, and I am in pain, I have called my boyfriend, he is on his way, he also called the ambulance already, but I just need someone to be here with me, I am in pain, please hold my hand and my back”. She says this holding her bed with her left hand and directing my hands were exactly to exert pressure with her right one. I am in shock, I don’t know what to do. I haven’t said a single word as yet, I say a silent quick prayer “I hope the ambulance gets here fast, I am not about to be a midwife and deliver a baby in a hostel. “ouch, ouch,ouch” she screems “Am I pressing too hard?”, I say slightly lifting my hands from her body. “no, its ok” she calms down as the pain seemed to have subsided. “Should I get you anything?, water maybe?. “ No thanks, please just get my phone over there, as she points to where it was; on her desk. “Call the last dialed number and put it on loud speaker”. I call, it rings once and its cut, “ the call has been rejected, I say to her. “Call agaaaaaain she cries, the pain was back and then gone again. I call again, it rings twice and he answers “ Im coming babe”, it’s a deep voice, he is out of breath, sounds like he was actually running, “I see the ambulance is also here”, he cuts the phone. Within 2 minutes he arrives with the first aid people holding a stretcher, “I will be able to walk” she said, “babe please hold my hand and help me walk”. Now im relieved, I don’t have to deliver a baby, I lock the door and give the “babe” the keys. “Thank you so much for your help” he says. He is a tall man, he looked waay older than us but young enough to father a child I guess “LOL”. ‘It’s a pleasure, I say as I get into my room and they pass to get to the lift that was 2 rooms away from my door. I close my door and chuckle at a thought that I had just had. “This child should be called degree”. Now I was not this creative, these were the words of my mother as she said her fawewells as I got into the car with my dad, accompanying me to my new home. “Please bring back a degree, whatever you do, bring back a degree, handidi zvekunyadziswa (I dont want to be embarrassed), If you bring a child, we will call that child Degree because that is all you are going to Wits to do”. I chuckle again at the thought that the child would be known as Diggy, Riggy or maybe Digza 😂, because where I come from you are guaranteed a name revamp, supposedly a short cut😉. Anyway thats it “some degrees are born, some are given to you at graduation”.


I hope you enjoyed “Some Degrees are born”….. New chapter coming, im excited, you should be too.