I have been blogging for 6 weeks now; one post a week and 1 bonus post when I randomly felt like writing something else, thats a total of 7 blog posts so far. I have received so much love and support from friends, family, colleagues, wordpress community, social media connections and other surprisingly random places.


I initially started blogging for fun, as a way of practicing, developing the discipline of writting as I plan on growing my writting into a career at some point in my life (dont ask me when 😁).

One of my friends who is really supportive of my writting saw the winter blogging challenge and challenged me to do it. Hey atleast I know if noone else reads my post, she will, infact she is bound to, yes thats blackmail @YouKnowYourself.


I looked at the topics and I almost bailed, im used to writting about what I want LOL…. I guess thats the biggest challenge for me here; writting on pregiven topics. I am not complaining, it is afterall a challenge. In my world challenges are conquered, challenges are stepping stones, challenges have lessons and always leave a beautiful story behind.

#ChallengeAccepted #Checkmate

I will keep my usual 1 post a week (4) + the 30 day challenge, + 7 existing thats 41 posts at the end of June. The 30 posts is 30weeks worth of posts in 1 month; 7 and a half months of posts in one month, thats almost the duration of a pregnancy, thats crazy!!! Apologies I had to do the math to bring this into perspective. Thats a lot of writting, but still here I am committing to this. There better be one hella lesson and remarkable growth from this LOL – this is blackmail for the creators of this challenge 😉. On a serious note thank you Afrobloggers for thinking about us on such a grand scale.

#AfroBloggers #WinterABC

Ok lets get out of my methamatical bubble for the rest of this post, that bubble is scary hey, freaked me out a bit. So yes I am committing to 34 posts for the month of June, one everyday plus an additional one every Wednesday. Sorry the math keeps haunting me, but anyway I am really doing this. I am looking foward to creating content, that you my readers will hopefully enjoy to read and share with “your people”.

#Share #Subscribe #LetsRead

I am committing to blabbing on paper(figuratively that is), hoping that my views matter, are relatable and in some instances make you laugh.

Hehe make me your “Plug”, please, pretty please with a cherry on top.

“When someone says please you can’t say no” – famous quote from my inner circle

Now that I have committed to writting and you have committed to reading, lets get the ball rolling. Seeing that im not the only one committed here, see you tomorrow, ill bring coffee and coockies ciao☺.


Almost forgot

Im also committing to posting at midnight so that you can have the choice of when to read; you have your entire 24 hours to choose when you want to engage with my blog. I think this is really thoughtful, don’t you?☺

Bye for real now 👋 👋👋