As prommissed, I brought the coffee and coockies, here you go, lets read.

so I am running,

I am running away from myself, towards myself, towards my dream, my vision, my future. See the idea of who I want to be is amazing, it’s so bright, big and beautiful it scares me. Sometimes I run from it because I think I wont be able to handle extraordinary. Most times I run towards it because i’m afraid of ordinary.

The battle in me is so real sometimes I think God put more than one of me in this body of mine…… I sometimes wonder “If there is only one of me in me, why do I fight so much with myself?

Firstly I am working on bringing the little me’s inside me to have a common goal, to agree on “how” and also on “what”, i’m proud to say we are getting there. That seems to be the hush to all the voices in my head. When I say “eyes on the goal guys”, the board of directors in me stops and smiles for a while, this usually happens in my sleep LOL.

Ok, so when they agree this is what they see in no particular order:


This is the first thing I think about when I think “dream life”, because God is my only constant and I can rely on him to exist every single day of my life. I just know that it’s going to be me and him every step of the way. I have grown so much in my faith in the past few years but i’m sure I still have a lot to learn. I have a lot of room to grow and have so much more to do for the christian community and the world at large. A lot more people will know God through me, my dream life is filled with a lot of this.


My dream life is to love unconditionally, and to be loved unconditionally too. To be able to be vulnerable with my inner circle and to be 100% real. Like “Jesus and Jollof” kinda real (IYKYK). If you don’t know “Jesus and Jollof”, google them, its a very real and lovely podcast, love it. My dream life has a husband, and 2 children; a girl and a boy, by the grace of God (hehe God is reading too, I have to be specific).


My dream life is filled with morning jogs, weekend hikes, hectic gym sessions and lots of marathons, maybe even a few comrades. Its filled with green smoothies, steamed fish and tons and tons of water. My dream life has no hospital visits because of sickness. I have one of those TV lives, but not just for TV, like for everyday life, this is going to be fun. My heart is at peace and fulfilled because I am very disciplined in my dreams.


In my dream life I am commanding boardrooms and court rooms(#lawyer), being the voice of reason, a problem solver, a visionary. I am an author of several best sellers, an accomplished writer, a public speaker, a mentor, a contributor to the history of the African nation. I am standing on world stages, giving speeches about anything, people will listen because I am just wonderful even if I’m speaking a whole lot of nothing LOL.

I am a traveler , seeing the beauty of God’s creation allover the world. Experiencing differences cultures and cuisines


I believe money follows anything good that is done well. Because I have done the above well, I am wealthy. I have a mustang parked in my garage, we can negotiate on the rest LOL.

Ok so this is literally what I see when I close my eyes to sleep, it is in line with what I see when I am awake. The details of the awake version are still daunting for me to write as I see them, mainly because God and I are still discussing and finalising them, But I can confirm, the future is bright, the dream is good.

Pheeeew, lets ride, till tomorrow,

ciao 👋