Hi guys

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and are all geared up for a new week. Today’s post seems relatively easy. I have tons of things I would do for no pay. I am however only going to tell you about 3 of these as the topic requires😝.

Lets dive right into it:

1. Preaching

I am a firm believer in God and the finished works of the cross. I am a proud Christian saved by His grace. I am in this world, typing this blog post because my father; God made it possible. I believe Jesus Christ died for my sins for no pay. I believe he did it solely because of his unconditional love for humanity.

As a christian I desire to be like my father and bring more people to His knowledge. The good book in Matthew 28 v 19 gives a mandate to all believers to go into the world and preach the gospel. I got the greatest gift of all for free: salvation, and I am willing and mandated to share this great gift with others.

God is amazing y’all, i have stories galore of how he allways comes through for me.

2. Baby sitting

I have so many cute pictures with kids and it took so much for me to refrain from using them in this post because they are not mine😪.
Anyway, I love kids so much. Playing with kids is my other happy place. If you have kids, I can be at your house and you will not know im there because im closed up somewhere with them. Actually you might suspect im there because your kids wont be bothering you LOL. I actually think im not good adult company when they are kids around😂, its bad.

Those little people are amazing, I totally zone out of everything else and become fully present in their world. The fact that kids also see me as a friend and easily open up to me is a bonus.

Kids are the most honest people I have ever met. Trust a child to call you out when you misrepresent yourself. We sometimes underestimate the intelligence of these little human beings and I just think that spending time with kids is a good way to keep your life in check.

Eish but they can be really mean and brutally honest…. Hmmm I can not begin to tell you some of the things i’ve been told, I will need a whole new blog post for that (ill think about it, that will be a fun post, I will call it “kids calling me out”😂, trust me you will love it)

I don’t just like the toddlers, even small non talking babies too, I mean they are the best listeners LOL.
Kids in general are mostly cute and fun to hang out with. Sometimes I feel like I can even pay people to babysit their kids, for this I say thank you to all the parents who have allowed me to hang out with their bundles of joy. I trully appreciate your trust in me or your desperation for a sitter😂(your kids tell me,don’t worry im not offended), whichever it is, i’m grateful

3. Listen

Switch off the TV and im all yours LOL. I think my listening skills are good. When im watching TV im literally in the tv, you can have a whole other conversation and I wont hear a word. When i listen, i listen.

Using the same reasoning; when I am listening to you talking, I’m in your world. Sometimes I am on 2 hour phone calls were I talk for like 5/10 minutes. Im just listening, not judging, not giving my opinion, just listening. Just trying to understand your point of view and how you feel before bombarding you with my thoughts because I can be pretty talkative too😁, ask the babies I baby sit😂😂😂.

Summary of all the above, im a Sunday school teacher and I do that for no pay☺, i love it, it is truly the most fifilling thing I do.

Ciao, lets hang out again tomorrow.

👋 👋 👋