So I am at the door, trying to deal with my dilemma(part 1), here is what happened next:

I then reply and say “Yes they are, the best I tell you, I made them myself”. I was selling my muffins for R5 each and now there came the question from the same guy “HOW MUCH?”

I go back to consult with myself; if regular muffins are R5 then space muffins must be more expensive. I don’t know what they are but the look on their faces says they will buy at whatever price, they were desperate for space muffins. Just to test the waters, I reply “R10 each”, getting ready to say I’m kidding they are just R5. Before I could say anything, they all say in unison “That’s so cheap”.

Dammit I should have said a higher price. They all come and finish the muffins I had left, give me my money and I leave, I had hit a jackpot with these potheads. I quickly make a prayer of forgives, for sins I might or might not have committed: was still not convinced whether I had exploited these potheads or I had applied the word of God to generate income LOL.

I then met one of the guys when I was coming back from church with my empty container in my hands the next day. I wanted to run away, I now knew what space muffins were and was not sure of what I had sold to them. I mean it was possible they had turned into space muffins, right? This is definitely the water into wine scenario I convince myself. He waved at me and says “your muffins were really good”.  

I leap and wave back, “thank you, next weekend ill bake a special batch just for you”, pushing it wasn’t I?

Hehe these guys were either already so high that they didn’t figure out that my muffins were not space muffins or God had actually answered my prayer and turned my regular muffins into really good space muffins. Whichever it is, I pray “Thank you God, whatever you did this weekend, do it again”. So I actually never made space muffins in case you are wondering, (I might have made them with my words though, LOL). I just kept on speaking them into being and my potheads kept supporting me on a weekly basis. I would even give them discounts sometimes and sold them for R7 lol. Money was flowing for me, I had money for a change. They never found out they were not space muffins or they just didn’t tell me.

I din’t get pocket money on a regular basis from home like most kids who knew they would get a particular amount every single month. Sometimes I just thought my parents were still making me pay for shopping with school fees money when I was in my 10nth grade. Yep me, I did that, I spent school fees money, not just my school fees money but my sisters and brothers too, apparently also January grocery money.

If you are reading and you are not surprised that I did that, im judging you right now, seriously eyeballing you 😵 lol

Nway next week ill tell you all about it. Have you ever been in trouble on such levels? Drop your stories, I can’t wait to hear that im “normal”. Dont be shy LOL

Till next Wednesday


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