Day 6, we are moving💃

So today its all about “Why I started blogging?

I am not aware of any time in history when human beings did not have stories to tell and people to listen. The first man Adam could tell us stories about his first breath, how he named the animals and met Eve. He could tell us how she was the most beatiful creature he ever met, how he fell in love with her, and fell🐍 with her from perfection.


The heroes and heroins of time immemorial could tell us the stories about how fear was their greatest motivation. They could tell us about how they crossed crocodile infested waters, slept in trees having nothing but hope to hold on to. They could tell us how they fought tooth and nail to bring us the freedom that we now enjoy.

Wait,  stories like this have already been told. There were always people at any given time willing to creatively or simply put them down in words for generations to come. I just wanted to be that person for my generation, tell my stories and share my experiences. At first I wrote in diaries just like my predecessors who wrote on scrolls which were later discovered and put together into various books for us,  their “future generations”. I wanted to make it easier 😝 to discover and I wanted to write for present and future generations, what better way to do it than on our second home: “online”? There are always people at home,

Oh yeah, and I had a push from friends and family after reading a few of my pieces, to make them public for more to enjoy. So here we are “RuewyStoriesGalore”.

They are rooting for me, get it? 😂😂😂

I am not yet an accomplished writer but I know that the art of story telling will live forever. When I think about this I am motivated to write and share my stories, my thoughts, beliefs, opinions and laughs, with the hope that they will live forever.

Lets cheers

Cheers to great writing and reading.

Cheers to great stories.

Cheers to good coffee and wonderful melodies.

Cheers to being real and celebrating our heritage.

Cheers to stories galore.

Till tomorrow