Hi guys

So today I should tell you about the 5 apps I cant live without. I am just going to take this as my 5 favourite apps because I believe I can live without them, confident much? Yes I can 💪.

Ey it’s difficult to filter down to just 5, but here we go

  • WordPress

This has become my favorite online family, I mean you are here, reading this, you make this space amazing. Its a space where I create my stories and they come to life.

  • Bible

I do not remember the last time I actually used my hard copy Bible, its just so convenient to search for scriptures and have various versions in one app in the palm of your hands. I can even make notes, not limited to the spaces on the margins of my hard copy version, I love this part. Hmm and Bible apps do cool things these days, pretty bible image verses to share and encourage someone.

  • Banking App

I love convenience, I pay everything from my phone, I don’t like queues at all, I guess I am not very patient 😬. If there is a quicker way to do something, I am using that way. Banking Apps were made for me I tell you. I cannot imagine the stress of moving from bank to bank to pay my bills at the end of the month.

  • Google maps

South African roads are something else, They are so intertwined, if you miss your highway exit without enough fuel you might be in trouble. The next exit could be kms away. If I’m not sure where I’m going, trust I will have my phone on the dashboard giving me directions. Sometimes even if I know where Im going, if I’m travelling in peak hour traffic, I use google maps to show me the fastest route as it also updates on traffic, helping you avoid traffic jams, I do not like traffic. I want to drive and get where I’m going as fast as possible.

  • Twitter

I wanted to say Facebook but Twitter is more fun. FB came first but twitter came with fire; the drama, the Twar, the meme Stories and the shade that is thrown on Twitter though 🙌. I always have a good laugh everytime I log in for some “updates”. My Twimbos do not dissapoint.

Till tomorrow

Ciao 👋👋👋