Hie guys

How you doin?

Today we are talking tech, is it a curse or a blessing? So let us firstly try to define the term “technology”. According to wikipedia

the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.

When I think technology, the first thing that comes to mind is huge industrial machines that are used in big factories to produce large amounts of the products they manufacture.

Technology however ranges from things as simple as scissors.

Now that we have established that technology ranges from simple and small to big and complicated with a lot in between, let me simply answer the question.

Technology is a blessing, simple! It is here to make everyday tasks easier for us.

If you watched soccer pre 2018 you can agree with me that matches could be sometimes frustrating to watch when they could end in the “incorrect” team winning😂😂😂.

Now matches are fairer, hehe, debatable but I can bear watching a little more soccer.

I cant imagine a world with no phones, television, cars, heaters, aircons, banking apps😁, lights, watches, stoves, fridges, the internet, aeroplanes e.t.c

I could go on but VAR is just it for me, live drones and medical machines, ciber crime and all. VAR is the best thing to happen to the sporting world and its a blessing.

VAR (Video Assistant Referee)

Till 2mw