Hi guys

Thank you so much for e-viting me to talk to you about “blogging and the internet”. When I got the e-vite I thought to myself “what do young people want to hear these days? and how do they want information delivered?”

After much deliberation I came to a conclusion that young people want to see things, they want more action and less talk. This is difficult given the topic and given that im an armature in this department, but not impossible so here we go:

The internet has been used for so many things, good and bad. We can come up with endless lists of things that the internet has enabled us to do, one of the things I however value is blogging platforms.

Blogging is an art that resides on the internet, that allows you to connect with people from all over the world by sharing your experiences, your melodies , your joy. Its a platform that you can inspire people and do much more, over maybe coffee in the comfort of their homes.

Using blogging sites for the above is beneficial because you are using a site that was developed with your blogging needs in mind. You get functionalities that you didn’t even know you needed. Blogging, particularly on blogging sites, basically enables you to create content and present it in a proffessionaly organised manner.

When I log on to my blogging app, I am going there to engage with my creativity, to explore my boundaries, to think outside the box, to be able to give myself a pat on the back by the time I log out.

Even the times I tuck into bed with a cup of coffee and reading glasses, I know I am getting into a world where I meet people who are like-minded. People who are movers and shakers in more than one way.

If I have done nothing else in this post, I hope I have linked you to some of my favourite blogs, do follow the links and engage with good content. I hope I have managed to make you see what other people are doing with blogging and the internet. Atleast use your data bundles to explore good talent😉.

If you are a blogger too, drop your link in the comments section below.

Until tomorrow