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Today we are talking about the affordability and availability of the internet in Africa. Lets get right into it:

Africa has the most expensive and slowest internet in the world (Quartz Africa)

Internet availability and affordability is a huge problem in Africa. It is a big problem because it has a ripple effect; more and more things are becoming internet dependant. Many companies only adverstise their jobs online now, leaving only the individuals who have internet access as eligible. Eligibility is nolonger based on just qualifications and experience, it’s now getting down to whether you have internet access or not. And when you are lucky enough to get an opportunity to get a job without using the internet, they want you to be able to use the internet.

You barely get such adverts for big companies anymore.⏬

Its screwed up right? when you have access to the internet its hard to imagine a world without it. Maybe I must try a week without the internet and see how that works out for me. It’s a maybe.

Imagine if Africa had affordable quality internet for all. The growth possibilities would be endless. I think Internet accessibility should become a basic human right, just like the right to education.

Africa has work to do. According to Quarts Africa; internet prices are the highest in countries that have the least number of providers.
Competition seems to be an obvious solution in this regard. More competition in this sector can see us having more people accessing the internet because they can afford it and as a result having more opportunities to develop themselves.

Competition will also result in more pressure on the providers to be innovative in supply; providing better coverage and faster internet.

Can you live without internet connectivity for a week? Please comment in the comments section below.

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