Hi guys

Today I am to expose you to an Africa you never read about:

Africa is not just a continent that is shaped almost like a slanted ice cream cone. Africa is home to over a billion people, it is its flora and fauna and most important of all Africa is its people.

I am not going to write about a lot of people or places, just one organization that has Africa at heart: Afrobloggers.

My heart smiles when I think of Afrobloggers, I want to stand on top of Mount Kilimanjaro and shout it out “Afrobloggers, afrobloggers, afrobloggers!!”

In Africa, we wait to talk about things when they have made huge waves and when they cannot hide us anymore. I recently got to know about Afrobloggers when a friend showed me the winter blogging challenge. I read up on them and I was amazed at the dedication, the passion and the vision that they have.

Who would have thought about uplifting African bloggers? Not me! Blogging in Africa is just one of those things that people think you are doing for fun and can rarely make anything out of. It gives me joy to know that there are people who saw it fit to come up with an organisation that grows African writers, that recognises African talent, that gives platforms for African stars to push their boundaries and achieve their dreams.

We do not read about it because we do not write about it. “Wendy, Ruewy”

Let’s make waves for African bloggers, let us make Afrobloggers proud. If you have a platform to give a shout out to afrobloggers, please do, they are amazing, check them out on
Twitter, Facebook, and instagram @Afrobloggers

Check out their blog and give them more love.

Until tomorrow