Hi guys

Today we are NOT talking about blogging in Africa.

This topic sounds like a topic that I would share a beautifully crafted story on. I, unfortunately, don’t have that story. I can imagine myself a couple of years from now being able to give a well-seasoned post on this topic.

I am new to the world of blogging as a whole, let alone blogging in Africa. I reached the 20 posts milestone yesterday👏👏👏(thanks to the winter blogging challenge).

Anyway, If I had experience and exposure to blogging in Africa, I would tell you about how blogging has evolved over the years. I would tell you about the influence of social media, the Country’s economy, availability and affordability of the internet and more.

I would tell you of the experiences of African bloggers all over Africa because I would have made enough connections from different countries to give a wholesome response. I would have taken the time to speak to the Uncle of bloggers, listening to his wealth of blogging knowledge.

Today I am going to read and learn from those who came before me. The people who have tried blogging failed and started again. I am going to sit at the feet of my elders and be schooled.

It is important to know what you don’t know so that you make an effort to know it and actually “know it”. ‘Wendy, Ruewy’

Step back


Until tomorrow