Addressing the AU (A room full of African Leaders):

Greetings to you my leaders.

Firstly I just want to thank all of you, members of the Union and all the guests who are here present, for the opportunity to speak to you.

I woke up this morning feeling important and powerful
then I beat myself in my head to be able to deliver this speech. I, like many Africans desire to change the narrative of our continent, however, you sitting here are privileged to be able to do so. You have been adorned with power to be able to make changes on grand scales. 

Growing up I realised that the most rebellious kids were the ones who were told what to do, the kids who constantly heard complaints of how they were not enough, how they were expected to do more and how they were not trusted. So today I was in a dilemma, “should I come and give you a list of things I think should be done or should come and tell you that we trust you?” Side note, I am not at all implying that you are kids🤣.

You have been trusted to be our leaders. You swore to represent the people and to act accordingly, and because I believe you understand the value and the weight of the auth you took I want to say “My leaders, we trust you”

We trust you to stand for what is right and protect the well being of the continent.

We trust you to unite Africa beyond the racial divide, gender, religious beliefs, economic standing, e.t.c.

We trust you to make education accessible for all, to make sure those girls from cultures that are not allowed to go to school, are given an opportunity to achieve their dreams.

We trust you to create employment, meaningful employment that can change the narrative of e.g. Zimbabwe; degreed people selling tomatoes on the streets.

We trust you to promote entrepreneurship, to eradicate poverty and to allow the biths of ambitions.

We trust you to be honourable men and women, who are not swallowed by the demon of corruption. 

We trust you to end the “Africa is the richest continent with the poorest people” reality. We trust you to ensure that African people are equal partners in trade, politics, and every subject that the world is debating.

We trust you not to order the military to kill us when all we are doing is standing up for our rights; the rights that you promised to honour.

We trust you to restore the dignity of Africa; of Africans. We trust you to learn from many failed African States and not repeat the same mistakes.

You might be thinking “She went on to tell us what to do anyway, what a hypocrite”. Well, you my leaders are not kids or mere citizens, you are our leaders, you have responsibilities and we should hold you accountable to them.

We trust you to hold yourself accountable to what you purported to stand for before we do.

We trust you!

Thank you!

Day 15, we are halfway 😊

Till tomorrow,