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I have a workmate with a son with cerebral palsy; Tholoana Thobelo, he runs Tokelo foundation together with his wife Emma. This post is dedicated to him and other fathers with children with special needs, fathers who stick around to take of their children no matter how difficult it is.

Happy fathers day!!!😊.

My job here is easy, the Tokelo foundation did all the work, Virtue magazine interviewed them and I’m just appreciating both their work.
I bet we can all comprehend how almost impossible it is to juggle being a mother, a parent, let alone of a child with special needs. Despite this, members of The Tokelo Foundation know of no limits- not only to the lives of their children, but to also find time to pamper and celebrate the joys of parenting. “Virtue magazine”

The Tokelo Foundation is a charity organization aimed at raising awareness about Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy is a neurological condition that affects the movement of the body, muscle control, coordination, tone, reflex, and balance. About 57% of males are affected and only 43% females are victims of this condition.

As I stated before, it was founded by co-parents Emma and Tholoana Thobelo after their son was diagnosed with the ailment. Their mandate and mission statement is to provide support, create awareness as well as educate the community and fellow parents about Cerebral Palsy which will ultimately lead to the acceptance and further clarification about the condition.

“The most important thing that we have achieved is that of offering parents a platform to interact, get to know each other and to know that they are not alone,” Emma explained.

On the 26th of May 2019, the Tokelo foundation hosted a ladies event for mothers with kids with special needs.

One of the guest speakers, Miss Lydia outlined how hard it was her for her to raise a child with a rare condition and how it seemed unbearable to have the community accept and reach out when needed.

It takes a village to raise a child and it is astounding that even though their different communities failed dismally at this, these families built homes for their children through their love and warmth.

Co-founder and parent, Tholoana Tlhobelo also mentioned the importance of the organization;

“We do not only make parents and children feel comfortable about coming out, but we also provide certain programs that remind them that they are not even close to different from the likeness of a child that society proclaims as normal.”

These programs include:

  • Sock in a box
  • APT technology
  • Carer to carer programs
  • Social interaction programs

Of which require the involvement of both parent and child.

Tokelo Foundation is sponsored and supported by a few organizations who played guest speaker at the ladies event.

The day ended with acknowledgements from one of the mothers,

“It is not easy raising a child with special needs because everywhere you go, you have to be ready to try to clarify why your child was built that way.”

Isn’t it remarkable that the foundation found fit to honor mothers who feel overloaded on a regular basis to share their experiences?  My heart smiles when I think of this.

If you see a parent with a child with special needs, love them, and tell them about the Tokelo foundation.

I hope you will drop by, find out more about the foundation and maybe offer a hand or 2 to raise funds or to offer advocacy. The Tokelo foundation would greatly appreciate it.

For more information on the Tokelo Foundation:

  • WhatsApp or call- 082 22 11 388/ 071 353 3399
  • Twitter- tokelofoundati1
  • Facebook- Tokelo Cerebr, l Palsy
  • Email- info.tokelo@gmail.com
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