For this post my aim was not to give you a review of the books but just tell you why I enjoyed/ enjoy the read. So here we go

1. The Bible

For all readers, from fiction to horror, from comedy to romance, from motivational to spiritual. The Bible is an all in one book, whether you are a Christian or not it’s really just an amazing book. I am not reducing it to a novel, it’s the manual for Christians, yes, but you gotta admit it is a good read for any genre that you can think of.

2. Trevor Noah – “Born a crime”
– For some good laughter, expect nothing less. I think I’ve hyped up this book so much, I need to start getting paid πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ˜.

3. Gabriella Union – “We are going to need more wine”. It is what it is, well I read it with coffee, but still. The book is so real, no holding back, just life as it is. Sometimes we face things that that we are not proud of and discard because we think we did not learn anything from them. Gabriella just puts everything down as it is, no filtersπŸ—£.

4. Tiffany Haddish – “The last black Unicorn”. Tiffany is funny y’all, she writes like she acts, only that it’s actually real stories. I was in stitches reading her book, not what I would usually read but it was a good read.

5. Robin Sharma “The monk who sold his Ferrari”. I am no longer a huge fan of self-help books but this one is an exception. I am currently reading it and enjoying it. It has passed my “good books test” before completion, it’s good.

The prompt said 5 but I couldn’t leave this one behind.

6. Mitch Albom “Tuesdays with Morrie”. A man on his death bed shares his life lessons, you can trust that he shared very valuable lessons. I loved every page of it, I couldn’t wait to finish work so that I get.

Till tomorrow