Hi guys

The topic today is mental health in the home.

This topic is increasingly being talked about now, I see why. More and more people are coming out to talk about how ignoring mental issues can affect a person.

I am not a social worker or a counselor, but I’m human, I’m a friend, a sister and a daughter e.t.c. but I’ve learnt Mental issues can really get the best of you.

I grew up seeing people around me dealing with things, not getting a break, just Dealing and moving on. I have seen people die because of mental issues.

So over the years, I have learnt that:

1. I will not ignore things that bother me

2. I will not judge anyone for dealing with situations differently from how I would.

3. I will care enough for people around me but not too much to suffocate them.

4. I will accept help and advice because I don’t know it all and google does not always have the answers (debatable)

5. I will not take on more than I can manage

6. I will be honest with myself and those around me

7. I will take time to pause and reflect n whether I am ok, sometimes we hide it even from ourselves.

8. I will make provide a safe space for people who want to talk, sometimes you just want to talk that’s it.

9. I will be mindful of my interactions with children because I understand that what you say or not say can make or break them.

10. I will do my best not to allow peer pressure to get the best of me.

These are the lessons could think of now.

Till tomorrow