1. Maxed

Mr. Price Sport’s athletic brand Maxed is a must-have for any gym-goer and fitness fanatic who wants quality activewear that won’t break the budget. Maxed have a wide-range of basically anything sports-related, and can be found in any Mr. Price Sports store nationwide. Almost all of my Sportsware is ‘Maxed’, they have cool stuff.

2. Woolworths

It’s not just a name y’all, these guys sell the best things. They sell quality everything from clothes to food to cosmetics. Their water apparently changes your accent LOL( Google it if you think I’m lying). Some of the things are overrated (what I really mean is I can’t really afford them LOL) for me but the deserts are to die for. If you haven’t tried this custard, do yourself a favor.

3. Mofaya energy drink

DJ Sbu was fired when he advertised his drink on air, look at him now. He is a hustler at heart and it’s paying off. Not a fan of energy drinks in general but definitely inspired by his hustle.

4. Ouma Rusks

These things practically raised me, I would have them with coffee when studying late at night, as cereal in the morning and as a snack for lunch. They have been here for a while and I still love them.

5. Black Cofee DJ

Image result for black coffee dj

International DJ, amazing tracks, If you don’t like house music, at least just know his name and that he is a great South African DJ 🙂

6. Tokelo foundation

This is my workmate’s foundation for his son with Cerebral Palsy. They sell socks, hoodies and scarfs to raise money for kids with CP. Visit their
facebook page to find out more. They are not just raising awareness, they are selling really cool stuff, good quality too.

7. Mrs. H.S. Ball’s Chutney

My list wouldn’t be complete without Mrs balls chutney, I use it to cook and as a condiment, amazing for sweet and sour dishes, I love it.

If you are to take anything from this post, get yourself that woolies Custard if you can.

Till tomorrow