Recap for us: SPACE MUFFINS AND SCHOOL FEES MONEY: part 4 of 5

When they got home and found my brother alone they were surprised. I wasn’t really an outgoing kid. When my mom saw that her door was open, she immediately checked her savings pockets. She was so shocked but calmed down and called me. I had just paid for my final purchase of the day

Mom: Hi Rue, we are back, where are you?

Me: oh hi mom, I’m on my way back from town, see you in a bit

#me walking home🤣

My mom didn’t say anything about the money over the phone. When I got back I was so excited to see them and couldn’t wait for them to see what I had bought for my siblings, I wanted them to say “wow, you are very thoughtful” but Nah.

I was so wrong🙈

Look I knew I was in trouble for spending the money without permission, I just thought my generosity would cover up for it. My mom in a very calm voice filled with pain and a little bit of hope

Mom: “where did you put the rest of the money?”

I think she was expecting to hear that I had just changed the location, but looking at the plastic bags I had she added

Mom: Please tell me you did not spend all of it

Me: I bought us Christmas clothes

I showed them the clothes I had gotten for us, they were really nice, meaning they were costly too.

My mom started shedding tears, and my dad just held his face in disbelief. They didn’t shout at me or even say that the clothes were nice. My mom went to sleep right away, it was like 3 pm. That day my dad cooked and there was so much tension in the house. I apologised to both my parents but it was too late, I had spent the January bills money. Luckily they had paid rent. January 2009 was the worst January of my entire life.

I’m sure my parents got into debt that month just trying to pay our fees. The R300 I had left had to be enough for groceries, I remember mom bought, mealie meal, tinned beans, and fish, sachets of “drink o pop”, a powder that would make juice for school. We ate pap and beans every weekday and pilchards on a Sunday. (Sidenote: my mom can cook beans y’all, she will make you believe you are eating meat🤣, her cooking really made it better😊)

That month, I was kicked out of school because my fees weren’t paid. My dad went to school with me the next day to ask that I be allowed to stay in class. I was allowed in but when the principal came to chase the owing kids out, she still called my name. I didn’t go home, I just went to the bathroom with my bag and came back. This became a routine for the rest of the month, I would just go to the bathroom just before the principal came into our class and then go back in when she had moved to other classes.

My birthday is on the 1st of February, need I say I did not get any birthday gifts.

I feel like the household felt the consequences of my actions for a good part of 2009. The quality of life improved every month, my mom was less angry at me but my sister made it harder to forget. She loved the dress I bought for her and she would wear it like every day. It would be washed and she would flat out cry for it. Mom would iron it to dry and give it to her to wear. That dress was a constant reminder of my bad decisions.

I am sure the year was worse for my parents than it was for me, a couple of humiliations of people asking for their money, the lights being switched off etc. I’m sure now you get the picture of why I thought that they didn’t give me pocket money in varsity because they were still punishing me for spending ‘pocket money’…..

I know now that that was not the reason, but it’s just a thought I had in varsity. It was real

2nd chapter done👏👏👏

Next week onto a new one