Oh my

We are here already?
I mean I knew we would get here, but are we really here? OK let’s get to it already:

1. Make your Commitments public or at least known to a few people to keep you accountable and you will have your fuel for the journey.

2. Kinda related to 1. but important enough to be a separate lesson 😊 Having a support structure is key, I had people who would make my life hell if they did not see my post for the day. I appreciate them now, it wasn’t nice though when they were doing their job😭😭😭

3.  Stay true to yourself: if you don’t know ask, pretending does not help you learn new things. When you are honest people will want to help you learn, stay humble.

4. When you put your heart in something people will see and feel it. People connect with you more and can relate because in as much as our life paths are different, they are similar in more than one way.

5. It takes a lot to be bold and honest with some things that you would not talk about under normal circumstances. You might lose some likes, a follower or two🤭, but it’s all part of the journey, stay honest, be radical.

6. Get back to your drawing board/Vision board often, keep yourself accountable to your dreams, goals and visions. Break down bigger tasks so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and give up.

7. Commitments are not always easy, when you feel like giving up, read that commitment again, hehe guys day 1’s post was a trap🤣🤣🤣, but hey look at me now, I’m still here, day 27👏.

8. Think ahead, plan ahead, makes the journey easier

9. Sacrifice is going to come into play when you are doing something you love, you don’t always get your way. Dear TV, I’m sorry for neglecting you this month, but I did good with you in moderation, I should most probably keep it that way🤭. Dear books, I’m coming back full force 1 July OK? Dear friends, I’m sorry it changes nothing🤣🤣, I still need to study, see you in 4 years🤔, just kidding, will always make time for y’all😝.

10. Reading and writing open up your mind to new thinking, develops your mind and makes you aware of the world around you. Stay updated with the shiz niz, stay relevant😜.

Ok I think 10 is a good number

Till tomorrow