Dear Ernest Jacob Tuape


I am short of words which is rare as I usually have a lot to say.

I simply want to say thank you for engaging with my posts and sharing them. I speak for a lot of bloggers when I say you were one of the biggest readers and supporters of the winterABC and for that I thank you.

I was watching the video of Tyler Perry when he was talking about helping others to cross and you were the perfect example. You not only read the posts but you gave good comments which reflected that you took your time to read the entire post.

After posting I would look forward to that Twitter notification that says you have liked and then another to say you have retweeted LOL.

Not only did you support but you wrote amazing pieces as well, my personal favorite was Day 21. I read your other posts that you wrote even before the challenge and I saw that you did not start “helping others cross” with the winter ABC. You are a supporter, promoter of dreams at heart, keep doing it for more people.

Thank you once again


Wendy of Ruewy

Day 28👏👏

Till tomorrow