Dear you

If you are reading this, this letter is specifically for you.

I just want to thank you for pulling my blog posts from your blog library, for taking time to read and engage with the content. For going the extra mile to like, comment and share, I’m grateful.

Some days were better than others but you were here nonetheless. I wrote and you read, you made it worthwhile.

Those who made the commitment to read as I made the commitment to write on Day 1 of the WinterABC, thank you for sticking around.

Those who were here before the challenge, who committed to reading once a week but stuck through the annoyance of daily notifications and went over and above your commitment and read anyway, you are my heroes, thank you.

Those who kept me on my toes and made sure I wrote every day, I owe this victory to you.

To those who became followers, thank you for seeing my work as worthy of your time and believing that I will continue delivering. I greatly appreciate it.

Those who enjoyed the stories outside WinterABC and gave feedback on those too, I salute you.

Let’s cheers😊☺

Cheers to many more great stories


Cheers to many more great reads


Cheers to conquering challenges


Cheers to a lifetime of friendship


Cheers to growing together


Till tomorrow