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So on this day I was not feeling well, I had a dry cough. After the Pastor finished preaching, she started walking in the isles and praying for people. My cough was bad, she saw me coughing and trying to hold it in so that I don’t disturb the service.

She came to me, pulled me out of the isle and started praying for me. I continued coughing, she was pushing me around so this just made the coughing worse. I tried to stop it, the more I tried the more physical she got “Come out in the name of Jesus!” she shouted. This took long so someone took the microphone and concluded the service.

They took me to another room and continued praying for me, now it was a whole team of Pastors pushing me around commanding “the demon” to come out. I was tired, my eyes were rolling trying to catch my breath and failing to do so because of the cough and the man handling. At some point I even believed I had a demon in me, Lol.

I tried to talk, to ask them to stop,

“keep quiet, we are not here to negotiate with you devil!” They brought a bucket with water as they were anticipating for me to vomit out the devil in me. I fought until I was tired, I just lay there on the floor. Now they were debating whether the demon was out or not as I had not vomited yet. She came to me and asked me if I was myself. Stupid cough came back right in that moment before I could say anything. The praying continued, I finally was able to say “I just have a bad cough”.

I just started another episode of violent prayer. She said to the other Pastors “The demon wants to hide, I have seen this before”. They continued praying and one of them asked me “what do you want?” I replied “I want to go home, just let me go home”. Oh my, I made the Pastor so angry, she continued “Go, go, go”.

So I tried to stand up and ‘go, go, go’🤣🤣🤣… The Pastor stopped me saying “no, no, no devil, you are not going anywhere with her”. I started laughing trying to speak again “it’s me, I am tired, I just need some water and I want to go home”.

“We are not here to listen to your demands devil, get out and leave”. At this point I realised there was no getting out of here without letting the demon go. So I coughed a little, had a little fit, spit in the bucket and just lay still on the floor.

I had seen demons manifesting enough times to know exactly what to do. Come to think of it I could make good money faking deliverance and miracles for fake pastors🤣, I’m joking guys, or am I🤔🤭😎😜?

At this moment I was praying to God, “Please don’t make me cough again, at least until I’m out of here”. I heard the Pastor say “This is what I was talking about”, looking at her team, they helped me stand up and then she said to me “How are you feeling?” With a very low voice, trying not to cough I said “I am tired”. She then said “You are delivered, go home and rest, God loves you”.

I smiled and thanked her. As soon as I got into the car, my parents tried to talk to me, I just said I was tired and fell asleep right away. I was not about to explain what had happened to them or to anyone for that matter, just in case they take me back or round 2.

This was a real workout, I’m sure I shed a few grams if not kilos LOL. That conference I went down as the girl who had the troublesome demon. I tell my friends and we laugh about it now, but this is the event that made me to start questioning the supremacy I had given to Pastors, in fact it made me question my believe in God and the believe systems I was taught.

I realised I had not really experienced God, I had a lot of forged God experiences, maybe some real ones in-between but at this point everything was shady. I couldn’t really ask anyone, I was scared to be labeled names. I was a leader in the youth ministry. It did not make sense that I would struggle with issues of believing, so I told myself that that was the devil trying to shake my faith.

I buried my questions and continued like this, till I got into a mind renewal transformation that I will talk about next week, a phase that changed my way of thinking and gave me my confidence and the conviction I have now in my faith.

Till next week