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I couldn’t really ask anyone, I was scared to be labeled names. I was a leader in the youth ministry. It did not make sense that I would struggle with issues of believing, so I told myself that that was the devil trying to shake my faith. Ruewy – Demon possessed part 2 of 3

So last week I said I would talk about a mind renewal phase that I went through that completely changed my way of thinking and gave me my confidence and the conviction I have now in my faith.

After having experienced Christianity in fear, I wanted peace, I just wanted peace in my heart especially when it came to my faith. All spheres of my life were messed up, I was dying to have one thing that gave me total peace when I thought about it. I was in university and I was struggling with school, relationships, religion, health, wealth, self-worth, identity, like literally everything about my life was a struggle to conceptualise.

I think I did a good job in masking all this with positivity, speaking good about most things. But sometimes being positive can be stupid, yes I said stupid.

You make yourself believe that the most absurd of things will work out or are true when deep down you know that this is a total waste of time, I will not get into any details here but I think most of you can relate to this, or at least know someone you want to give a good slap to wake up from their positivity LOL. I will give an example of the woman who thought she was married to Tyler Perry but had never met him- google/YouTube this it’s so sad but real, anyway I was that girl with every single thing in my life. common sense did not exist at all LOL (I’m dissing myself but it’s true, wooh, this is a laaaat).

In this post, I am just going to address the issue of the supremacy that I had given to Pastors though my mind renewal was and is way more than that. The first thing that happened for me was getting Pastors that freed me from religion; Pastors Dan and Ria Zumuwandeyi. So much love them💓💓💓

The statement that got me thinking hard that pastor Dan said was ” Pastors are scared to lose their relevance so they don’t tell you the complete truth, they preach in a way that keeps you running back to them for help, they make you need them and they fight to make it stay that way”.

I was in complete shock when Pastor Dan said on the pulpit in front of the ENTIRE congregation ” I want you guys to be able to experience miracles without calling me to pray and then accredit the miracle to me, I will get so much joy and satisfaction if I would get calls from my believers relating how for example their child got so sick and they prayed and the child was healed, and they are just calling me to share their joy. You guys have access to the same God and the same bible. If that’s happening in my church, then I’m a good pastor because my job is to empower you not to keep you needing me”. Ofiakwa who art thou🤣🤣

As good as that sounded, I still needed to make sure that my Pastor was not just saying this to take the responsibility of the church off his shoulders LOL. People otchea be sneaky.

It’s funny that when the “supreme pastors” said stuff to me I would just go with it, but this was all of a sudden too good to be true and I needed proof, the insanity in this sickens me aaaarg “who was I?”.

It’s also funny that I’m writing about being freed from the supremacy that I had given to pastors by a process that involved other pastors LOL. I guess if it was any other person who had said this I would have said you are only saying this because you are not a Pastor, so I guess this was perfect. So long story short, here is where I stand now with this issue:1. Before Jesus Christ came God did not speak to everyone and anyone and not anyone could go in his presence, the high priest would go alone in the holy of holies where the presence of the Lord dwelt on the ark of the covenant. If you went on there you would die, even the high priest would go in with a rope tied around his body. The rope was to pull him out in case he died because of sin, of course, no one could go in even for purposes of collecting a dead body.

It was tough😢, but what’s painful is a lot of us are still living in this world without consciously knowing it, or maybe knowingly subjecting ourselves to spiritual abuse, who knows🤷‍♀️2. When Jesus came and died on the cross, the veil to the holy of holies was torn apart, giving access to everyone to the presence of God.

3. When Jesus left he left us (everyone) the holy spirit who is God himself, to live inside us. The same holy spirit is in everyone who has the holy spirit. There are no different kinds of the holy spirit, special grade A holy spirit for the Pastors and then lower grades for believers.

4. The same Bible that Pastors read, we all have access too, if you don’t believe me ask your pastor for his bible just to make sure🤣🤣🤣.

5. The reason why it looks like Pastors are more special to God and God speaks to them more, according to me is because they spend more time communicating with God and more time reading the word. This is not rocket science if you spend more time doing something you become an expert at it or at least more knowledgeable in that area.

6. We need our Pastors for guidance and direction, to empower us, to show us who we are and what we all have access to according to the word of God. I will have to put my other thoughts on other posts, this one is now way too long 🤔….
I hope I have helped someone or at least got you asking questions and reading your Bible to find out the absolute truth.


Till next week