Todays post and the next 2 are dedicated to my friends and family that have suffered loss. Each day people leave earth and the impact is felt by those who remain behind. I have received too many calls and messages of loss these past 4 weeks, I cannot change the situation but i’m assured that there is hope and life after loss. The below story is true with changed names of people and places:

#Smile it’s gonna be ok

The year was 1992 in the rural areas of Rusape, Zimbabwe. Tinashe Chagwiza, a young boy of 12 years was left at his grandmother’s place together with his 2 sisters Rutendo(9) and Tariro(6). Their parents had died in a fatal car accident on their way back from work, which left them orphaned. Mr and Mrs. Chagwiza were both Lawyers who met at law school and got married just after graduation. They lived in the city of Harare where they had built a good life for their family, they had bought a house, 2 cars and had just acquired a farm close by to start a farming business. Life was good for the Chagwiza family, the children went to good schools, and they had a maid and a garden boy to help with the house chores. They went on international Holidays every year as a family and had many other retreats throughout the year. Family was important to the Chagwiza’s, they worked hard but they still made time to be with the kids and to visit friends and family.

Tinashe was in grade 7 in the year that his parents died. He had finished writing his final exams and was looking forward to go to Italy for the December holiday. He already knew which high school he was going to, he had already been offered a place even before the final results came out. He was a smart boy, participated in sports and was even the head boy of the school. The death of his parents came with a lot of pain, sorrow and difficult changes. His parent’s property was taken by his relatives, the cars, the house, the farm, and even the furniture. Tinashe and his siblings were dropped off for the burial at his grandparents’s rural home by his uncle; who took over most of his parent’s property. After the burial everyone who lived in Harare went back including the uncle who was driving his father’s car.

#Thank God for grandparents

Tinashe assumed that his uncle would come back for them when the New Year starts so that they go back to school. To his surprise he and his sisters were enrolled in a school 6km away from the homestead. He tried to get hold of his uncle but his uncle shut him down saying that they were entitled kids and they had to learn the real meaning of life. There was no car to take them to school neither were there fancy lunch boxes packed by the maid for lunch. The trio had to adjust to the new environment and their new reality of living without their parents.


My heart is just to painful to continue as I can see their faces, their adaptation to the sudden change oooh. Relatives and loved ones, lets do better. I am not saying that their life should have remained the same but it could have been better. All things work together for good but we can really do better, just be human and think of the implications of your actions. I just think if you are willing to take the wealth, you must be willing to take on the responsibility that comes with it. Just do better

To everyone who has suffered loss, may you find peace in the arms of the Lord.

Till next week