Blast from the past just to remind someone of the amazing grace of God.

Sometimes I find myself wondering what I did to deserve God’s love. I know for a fact that I did nothing to be loved by him, but guys there must be something LOL. It’s really just too much to get for free. I have fought so hard to come to the point of believing that his love for me has nothing to do with my actions, but I can’t seem to stop wondering if there is no tiny incy bitsy thing that I might have just done(maybe by accident LOL) for him to finally say ” she deserves my love”.

We work hard for everything else in life, then the greatest gift of all I get for Free???? UNFATHOMABLE (side note: I just really wanted to use that word LOL)

This battle of the mind is real. I am loved by the best. He chose me before I became, so there is absolutely nothing I could have done. I have wasted enough time, I WAS CHOSEN BECAUSE ‘HE IS’ AND NOT BECAUSE ‘I AM”.




Stay blessed