Finding pics was such a struggle. When I stumbled upon my “whip my hair” pic, it dawned on me that at some point in my life dreadlocks were associated with being demon possessed and I actually believed it.

Anyway let’s do this:

I was raised in a Christian home, I don’t remember ever believing in anything else. My parents taught me to pray and to always put God first. Pastors played a big role in my upbringing and way of thinking too. In my opinion, Pastors had been handpicked by God to deliver HIS people from sin, diseases, poverty e.t.c. I never questioned Pastors, I believed that they only acted according to the leadership of the Holy Spirit, they would only move when He said move. I did not believe that Pastors could make a mistake. I put pastors on such a dangerously high pedestal in my life, pastors words were equal to the words of the Bible, of Jesus, of God, I mean why would a Pastor say anything else?

“High pedestal”

Now I know that Jesus is the one who came to deliver people from sin, diseases, poverty and so on and Pastors were sent to deliver people from ignorance, to point people to what Jesus did for them and not what they themselves can do for them. I know Pastors are human beings just like me. I know that Pastors can make mistakes and also experience life the way all of us do, after all, they have access to the same privileges any Christian has. We all have Bibles, Jesus died for all and when the veil was torn it was for all to have access to God. If the veil was torn, we don’t need anyone to go to God on our behalf, we just need people to tell us that it is torn and we can go directly to God, boldly with anything. We need Pastors to empower believers of their true nature without being scared of losing their relevance in the church.

“Free to worship”

As I said before I never used to question Pastors, until this one day when we had a deliverance conference at church. At events such as these, it was fashionable to cry, fall, act funny so that you can also stand and testify that the conference truly changed you. I am not saying that when all these things happen in churches it is a lie, I am saying that for me it was important to be part of these people. To maintain my Christianity it had to make sense, I did not have the foundation of “Christ being the center of it all” thus everything else that happened in the church had to be relevant to me for me to continue believing. I basically needed continuous fueling from church events for me to continue Believing. Now I know that the event that happened on the Cross is all I need; the demonstration of God’s love for me.

with this background, I will tell you a story of when I was “demon possed”, deliberately in quotes and bolded by the way.

” eye roll”

So on this day, I was not feeling well, I had a dry cough. After the Pastor finished preaching, she started walking in the isles and praying for people. The cough was bad, she saw me coughing and trying to hold it in so that I don’t disturb the service.

” trouble”

My goodness me, need I say you really need to convince me to attend these “Fire fire conferences”? Nope, I will watch on TV thank you.🤣🤣

Come back next week for what happened

Till next week