Hi guys

Today I just thought I would share with you my testimonial on a coaching programme I was on at the end of last year. I am sharing this because I am currently setting goals and daily plans for my second semester of studies, working and studying at the same time requires some level of planning. I also needed to remind myself that I continuously need to take stock of where I am, where I dream to be and the steps I am taking to get there.

I wrote this just after the programme finished in Dec 2018:

Dear diary LOL (I have always wanted to share a post that started like this)

Wow, just thinking I am writing this is truly amazing. I never thought that I would be in this position where I am totally motivated as a result of opening up to another human being. I never thought that I had it in me, the courage to face head on the challenges that were weighing me down, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Firstly the idea of talking about my issues was daunting, because I have always been the one to help others, in most spheres of my being. Secondly “how could I have issues?’ I am a strong woman! Life should be easy, shouldn’t it? Sitting down with someone is a sign of weakness, right? It means something is seriously wrong, it means I’m most probably going insane!

You see everything within my being was against the idea of coaching, but I guess being a reasonable person I knew and realized that I needed help, I needed motivation, and I needed change to keep my sanity. I needed to feel whole and be comfortable with where I was, not necessarily because its where I want to be but because I know that I am making conscious choices to get to where I want to be, and where I am is a necessary step. So as you can see, the first victory for me was signing up for this programme, a decision I will forever thank myself for. This is when I realized how strong I truly am.

Ok, so what has changed? And how has coaching been for me?

Coaching has provided me with time to think, to take stock of my life and to look for solutions within my reach. Often we fall victim of our busy lives and forget to live and enjoy life, which is what happened to me. I was working late, eating easy and fast meals, not exercising, not sleeping enough, I was not taking any time for myself to take care of me. The only important thing at that time was that my work was done, my numbers looked good at whatever cost.

I was depressed, I was always tired, wanting to sleep at any spare time I got. I was now in a monotonous routine of working, ordering meals and sleeping. Work was no longer challenging or stimulating, I was an efficient machine with deadlines and targets, I was however not happy.

I heard about the coaching programme from a colleague in passing and at this point it was too late to apply, I however inquired if I could still join and surprisingly I could and I did. I remember thinking how awkward it was going to be sitting with another stranger talking about me. When I was filling in the questionnaire I almost dropped out, it required me to take time to think about me, something I hadn’t done in a long time and was running away from doing. Luckily I talked myself into it and went ahead.

I did not know that I had the solutions to my challenges, I knew what to do and how to do it, I just needed to sit and think about it and really pay attention to how I felt about everything that was weighing me down. The power within is amazing, the power within can push us to doing what we know we can do.

Coaching is a tool to discover who you are, what you desire and how to get your desires to become a reality.

What I love about coaching is that you don’t get someone spoon feeding you with solutions but someone challenging you to think of solutions within your reach. It’s an amazing way of discovering the power within oneself. It’s a tool for a lifetime that one can use on a daily basis to face challenges head on.

I am definitely not where I want to be but I am making conscious decisions to get there. I am making realistic everyday goals and commitments. It is such a wonderful feeling to tick things off my list of commitments.

It’s however not a journey that is all rosy. It is not easy to stay motivated even when you see the results of your efforts. Sometimes it just seems easier to fall back into old habits as these are comfortable and don’t require you to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone. It’s OK to be in this phase but it’s important to pick yourself up and keep moving.
I have the power to make changes in my own life. If I don’t, no one will do so for me. So I get up and do it. The results and fulfillment are worth much more.

Thank you so much coach for embarking on this journey with me. I am a much better me because of you, I am forever grateful for your commitment to seeing me turn my life around.

Staying motivated to achieve your goals is not easy; eyes on the goal, it can be done.

Get assistance if you are struggling, have people to keep you accountable. There is nothing wrong with seeking help, no man is an island. I in fact encourage everyone to have at least one person who can keep you accountable and take no excuses🤭.

Till next week