Im back guys,

Woooow, i’ve missed yall so much. I’ve missed writting but i’ve been good. I was just looking at my last posts and i’ve been in tears really. 2 of the posts in Aug 2019 were on loss and gratitude for those who step up after such. After receiving the news of my grandmother’s death it almost felt like God was preparing me for it. Needless to say my grandmother was one of those who stepped in for so many people and raised children as her own after life changing losses.

After her funeral in August I felt defeated but at peace at the same time. Seeing her rested face for the last time broke me but also assured me that she was indeed resting in a good place.

Even though she lived a good long life, a part of me wanted her for just one more special day in my life. I wanted her to pray one more prayer for us and dance one more time on my wedding. She danced good yall, even in her advanced age she would put on a show, aaah my heart smiles….
Those might have been selfish desires, but those were my desires anyway. I miss her so much.

Maybe now is also a good time to also tell you that I had my lobola and white wedding in Dec 2019😎, woop woop. They were beautiful days getting joined together in holy matrimony with my best friend. I can write a lot about these 2 days and the days leading to that but I think those need posts of their own😊.

I’ve rested enough, infact more than enough. I’ve somewhat adjusted to the changes in my life and im here now to write up stories to make you laugh, reflect on life, learn one or two things and maybe inspire you to do something that you have always wanted to do or even something totally new.

Through all this  i’ve learnt that God is the safest place to be. I found peace and comfort in Him. I found love and happiness in Him. I also found strength and courage in Him. His word kept me going and still is. I am confident of his love for me, through all the tears, joy and laughter, He was and still is the one constant that kept me grounded.

On this note, I hope to see y’all here next week and more Wednesdays to come for my weekly write ups.